Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Start a Good Day!

This is the attitude I have that Makes my day a Good Day

1.Take 15 minutes to plan the day
2.Plan what the day will be like, with a good attitude it will be a good day!
3.Be responsible for the choice.(good or bad) It is not the circumstances that decide what the day will be like, it is your attitude.
4.Control your thoughts, a)focus of what you want b)focus on what you don´t want. You will always get what you are thinking!
5.Remember Attitude is everything.
6.Smile and say a friendly word to people you meet.
7.Do at least one kind action of your choice
8.Repeat throughout the day,with the right attitude "Today will be a good day"
9.Focus on your daily targets
10.Focus on good things happening.

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