Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Most People Spend More time Planning Their Holidays, Than Their Lives!

Have you planned your life?

If you havn´t, someone else will do it for you and you will find yourself no longer in control of your life.

Not a very nice thought is it?

Everyone has a life purpose and you can do much more than you think!

What do YOU want to Have, Do and Be?

You are in fact a person who can help make our World a better place and you can enjoy life while doing it! That´s quite a revelation for most people, because it´s much simpler to think small and not be accountable for your life by complaining and blaming circumstances and others for your trials and errors.
The truth is: YOU, and YOU ALONE are responsible for your life, so make it good and worthwhile!
This video is about 'An ordinary person that did that' Enjoy!

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