Monday, March 24, 2008

Featuring Character Counts.

Why I admire Michael Josephson and The Josephson Institute, Center for Youth Ethics.

I´m not a teacher or engaged in the project "character Counts" but as a Mother and Grandmother I am very concerned about young people and the way many of them feel about themselves, others, their life and the World in general.

We often live as if there was no time to take care of one another,our environment,our health, our pets or even our belongings, nor do we see any reason to care for anyone outside ourselves or at best our own family.

It can be wise to reflect upon the effects of our lifestyle.
What kind of ethics are we teaching/not teaching our children?
Have you thought about how your own lifestyle, language, habits are affecting others?

How can we expect to be well treated when our young people often have no idea of the six basic pillars of Character? What´s that???

The point is that ethics and moral are extremely important not only in Schools and teaching, but even in our everyday life.

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Lynda Lehmann said...

I agree! Our children are orphaned to the TV, which influences them almost as a surrogate parent. There is often no one at home to point out that what we see on TV is not NOT always desirable nor indicative of what our reality should be!

Thanks for your review of my blog!