Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making a Difference Is A Wonderful Gift

video that shows us how loving and caring can really do Miracles.

Remember the dog I wrote about called Miracle? Well, now she is on her way to a new life thanks to everyone that donated whatever they could spare to help her.

You see, even small gifts can change lives. It does´nt matter if you help people, animals or the environment, just do SOMETHING and you too will enjoy a really GOOD DAY!

It´s amazing how much joy you will feel.We often think that receiving something will make us happy, it does but how do you feel when you give something? Think about it!
No dollar to spare?.. then tell someone today how much you appreciate them and what a difference they are making in your life,hug your children and tell them how important they are to you and how much you love them, clear up the environment around you, take care of your pets and give them a good life or just smile at someone.How many "good things" can you do today that don´t cost a dime?

What´s in it for you? These simple but powerful steps will improve your life and make you feel good!

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Liane Schmidt said...

Very sweet post.

Best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.