Monday, June 9, 2008

The Simple Way To Make Change Happen

In our buisy lives many of us are looking for that "simple" but effective way to get better results in some area we want to improve. Why not sit back and let your unconcious mind do that, while you take "time out"?

Finally, a stunningly simple way to help you easily change your life --
even while you sleep!

1) Pick the result you want,
2) Pick a CD, and
3) Listen
Then sit back to let the changes happen

Lose Weight -- Procrastination -- Self-Sabotage
Memory -- New Skills -- Schoolwork
Anxiety -- Cigarettes -- Negative Beliefs
Recalling Dreams -- Stress -- Love -- Health
Relationships - Self-Esteem -- Energy
Sëx -- Aging -- Prosperity -- Career Breakthrough
Exercise - Debt -- The Past -- Goals -- Time
Fear of Success - Money -- Bad Habits
Creativity -- Longing for Something
Negative Self-Talk

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