Monday, August 25, 2008

Addictions are "Cures" for Stress

Have you ever thought about why it´s often so difficult to get lasting effects from various methods of curing addictions like smoking, over eating, alcohol,drugs etc.

There is one thing we need to understand before trying any method to stop an addiction. It is simply this:
Addictions are our way of curing a stress reaction and nothing more!

So firstly we need to release the stress these addictions are trying to sooth.

This means we need to look inside ourselves to see why we need these addictions in the first place.

It is vital to get at the cause before trying to cure the problem.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the feelings you get when you need your "addiction".

No matter what method you choose to help you, it is very important to find the route cause if you want to get results.

Did something special happen that caused you to feel this craving?

What were you:
Doing, saying, thinking, feeling when this craving became so crucial?

Write down every single aspect you can think of on a piece of paper.

Save it and compare the various aspects every time the craving hits you.

Did different feelings and situations occur?

Build this list, so you can work on the various aspects.
There may be many you need to work on, but don´t worry you can get rid of them all!

This will help you find the real cause of your addiction.

When you have a list of these various reasons and feelings, you have a much better chance that the method you choose will help you.

I recommend several programs, courses and books on this blog

They are all first class methods,but my primary recommendation that everyone should try for everything is EFT. It is so simple, but very powerful. You can use it in combination with other methods, but this probably won´t be necessary if you learn to do EFT thoroughly.

Have fun, feel better and improve your health!

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