Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Practicing What You Teach

One of the most important aspects of life is actually practicing what you try to teach others.

There is an overload of ideas, remedies, sales pitches, lessons, and good advice being blasted out faster and more intensely than ever before on the Internet.

Sales pitches with messages like
"We really care - We will take you by the hand and show you how"

"Follow these simple steps and you will be making a fantastic income by.....weeks, months!

"If you don´t hurry and buy my.... you will be a looser"

"Time is running out, only 24 hours left" My offer will never appear again, buy now"

Seen these pitches?

Actually there is a single important question to get answered before buying anything.

"Will I get proper personal help fast if something goes wrong or I need advice"?

Most help desks, frequently asked questions and forums are a small "hell" for individuals with start up problems.

Everything is fine, until you have paid your fee, but once you are a paying customer, downline, or affiliate you are often on your own!

You will probably get dozens of mails from auto responders with start-up advice, not related in any way to your personal "glitch". So make sure there is a REAL LIVE CONTACT who actually answers YOUR mail, it will save you weeks of frustration and lots of money.

It is better to get written advice than making a call, especially if you are dealing with a company in another Country than your own.
Email can be sent and replied to, so you can see and print answers and questions. This is a good future reference. You will also have a name to refer to.

Time zones can also cause problems when calling.

Be Aware! Choose a product, business opportunity or affiliate program that offers real personal service.

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coolingstar9 said...

Yes, this is ready a good advice. We should act calmly instead of rushing.
I have seen so many tactics on web site you have just mentioned.
Thanks for your reminder, have a nice week.