Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What is a crisis?

A crisis is an opportunity to learn something from our past mistakes.

It can be really difficult to understand that when things are not turning out the way we want, it is often a sign that we are missing out on something important we should be doing, instead of focusing on things we might be better off to leave alone for the time being.

This is true for any issue, collective or personal.

However, we cannot make any collective changes without dealing with our own issues first.
Everything starts within our selves.

If you have difficulty in finding out what this “something” might be, I recommend an excellent self study course “The Genius Code” from Learning Strategies Corporation

Here are just some of the course benefits:

*Find the personal access code to your inner resources.

*Solve any personal or professional development problem with startling creativity.

*Make everything you do in life more rewarding.

*Accelerate the speed of learning anything.

*Enhance self-confidence in all fields of endeavor.

source:Learning Strategies Corporation

In today´s World we have to become smarter faster, otherwise we find ourselves overwhelmed, floundering and stressed out by the sudden changes around us.

Old learning patterns no longer serve us and we need to look deeper into ourselves to find ways to solve issues by using our own inner creativity.

It is amazing that the more you understand and use the techniques in this course, the better you become at creating the life you want.

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