Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Sports and Computer Stress,what do they have in common?

Hi friends,
Longtime, no see. Sorry to have abondoned all of you for such a long time, but things happen!

At least that´s what I often talk about, like being responsible for your life and the choices you make.

Well a month ago I took what I had planned as a 5 km long skating tour. It did´nt quite turn out as expexted, I had an accident and broke my collar-bone. (not exactly my plan but accidents happen).

The bone healed in two weeks, but the real challenge is getting back into shape and getting things to function properly again, training 3 times a day definatly helps but it´s not pain free and if you are a senior citizen (like me) you are hardly likely to repair without some strenuous effort.

Before this accident I got another "warning" . A (friendly) soul planted a rootkit on my computor which collapsed my harddrive without any warning from my previously installed virus program. All my information, documents, emails and back-ups, photos, passwords and programs dissappeared in thin air!
The one good thing I did was to save a copy of all passwords in a bank vault! At least I did that right!

So what do you learn from these kind of "upsets" in daily life?
Well, actually quite a lot. After the initial chock, came the choices. "Are you going to let this ruin your day...your work....your ability to make new choices?"
At first I did´nt want to do anything, these traumas felt quite devastating, but honestly who cares except me?

Some of the remedies I write about on this blog helped me regain balance. You can read about them in some of my posts.
Here is a quick review of the aids that helped me rebuild my situation best, if you should need some extra help sometime, I can really recommend that you bookmark these self-help tips for future referens.

1. EFT, simple help everyone can learn. there is a FREE MANUAL that explains what to do, how and why it works.

2. Holosync, A better way to balance your brain and makes it easier to meditate with results much faster,get a FREE DEMO CD

3.Here are two excellent books that point you in the right direction. Powerful thinking habits help you avoid medications, painkillers, anti-stress and sleeping pills.
Heal Your Body"

">You Can Heal Your Life

My negative experiences had a message "Rearrange your life, make some changes, remove old outdated patterns, do things in a way that feel right for you, move forward whatever the odds"
Remember that every negative experience holds a lesson you need to learn.
Have a rewarding day!

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