Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Can All Help Haitian People Help Themselves

As a member of Bloggers Unite, I have written this short blogpost about "The Greater Good Org" that supplies help to six different charities. These are small compared to the "Giant Organisations", but through them everyone can help, even if you are out of work, have limited cash or other circumstances that make it difficult to spare much money.

Here is a great possibility to give a little extra everyday.

So far the GreaterGood Org has raised $214.863 to help Haiti´s people.

Here is how you can help:
Click the button to review the contributing charities and click everyday.

The Hunger Site

Sign the petition craving the cancelling of Haitis remaining 890 million dollar debt
to IMF World Bank. Just imagine what a difference that would make!

Buy gifts to help.
Here you can read about projects in Haiti.
The Hunger Site will fund 150.0 cups of food for each Haitian Hand-Painted Silk Market Scarf purchased.

Remember,whoever you are, if you just do one simple thing, you are one of the people that make a great difference in the World!

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