Thursday, January 21, 2010

Letting Go

There are discussions on the web as to whether The Law of Attraction and affirmations really work.

My conclusion is that for most people doing these techniques it does´nt work as well as expected.
The big question is Why?

The majority of people are full of negative thoughts which they have great difficulty in letting go of.

Many people will probably deny this theory, but a way to understand this is to look at text ad headlines, an overwhelming number have a negative message line, this is because people open these emails as our minds are mainly programmed with negative thoughts. Negative headlines often attract our attention and that is what these lines are aimed to do.
(Like attracts Like!)

We express these thoughts without thinking about the concequences.
"That´s too expensive"
"I can´t afford it"
"I´m fed up"
"This does´nt work"
"I don´t like..." and so it goes on.

The point is that every negative expression and thought is a building block in our lives, so are positive expressions.
If you don´t feel satisfied with your resulsts one of the most important things you can do is to start listening to your thoughts and replace the negative ones with positive thoughts(affirmations).

Often we spend time doing affirmations and "thinking positivly" without getting rid of our negative thoughts, a process which is just as important.

We need to combine these efforts to make affirmations and positive thinking work.

This can be a difficult task because our subconcious is often chatting away about things and circumstances in a negative form.

When you have emptied these underlying negative thoughts which you can do simultaneously with affirmations,you will experience much better results.

Personally I find this program gives great results. One of the most important features is the use of computerized techniques.


This is a really beautiful film about letting god and changing lives.

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