Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ethical Behaviour

”Killer Whales” In Captivity

The question we should consider is whether or not it is an ethical decision to keep “killer whales in captivity.

To me doing this is not about entertaining people, it´s about an industry using captivity as a means of increasing profitability.
“Killer Whales” have their natural instinct even in captivity and when it is activated "accidents" happen.
It is time the entertainment industry understands the moral obligation we have to our Wildlife.

As people we need to ask ourselves "Is it ethical to keep The killer whale (Orcinus orca) in captivity ?"

If we are really honest we know it is´nt.
However when we realise this, we often rationalise and concern ourselves with thoughts like:
“ I can´t change this” and start a process telling ourselves things like
"Well it´s not my fault, so I might as well go and see this show anyway"
“The kids will enjoy it” etc.

This is exactly where we make a big mistake
We can stop cruilty and avoid accidents by not visiting "amusement park shows"

Never belittle the fact that the industry is only interested in the income these spectacular whales in captivity create.If interest in this kind of entertainment stops, things will change for the better.

We have to become the World we want to live in and be responsible for our acts by thinking about the consequences of our choices.

The film "Saving Willy" is a romantic version of how The killer whale (Orcinus orca) lives in captivity, but it also relates to the kind of life orcas live without their flock, natural environment, inability to hunt and extreme stress caused by captivity in a tank full of chemicals that is hardly bigger than a small number of it’s own body lengths.

Killer whales can wander for hundreds, even thousands of kilometers, swimming at speeds exceeding 50 km/h. in the ocean. Can you honestly believe that being in captivity is the kind of life they should live?

"Saving Willy" is a film that can give children the possibility to relate to a World where love and empathy is an option instead of treating a species in captivity as a kind of "man made entertainment attraction".

The fact is that although "Willy" was released from captivity, he could never adapt himself to the kind of life he should have lived.

Ocas should not be hunted and put in captivity to amuse people.

Make a decision to boycott these shows and save the lives of humans and whales by becoming responsible for the consequences of the choices you make.

As a side note, It is a good idea to remember that there are always consequences for every choice we make in our lives. Positive or Negative.

Make a habit of becoming AWARE of what you are saying, thinking and doing! The effect is far greater than you may think.

Sea World tragedy: Trainer's death raises uncomfortable issues about keeping orcas captive


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