Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Idea for Making Today A Good Day

Many of us feel we would like to do something constructive to help out when a catastrophe like the Oil Spill in the Mexican Gulf takes place.

Yes, I know a lot of blame is being put on the companies involved,that have directly or indirectly caused this and rightly so, because individuals and organisations have responsibilities. In this case the bigger the catastrophe, the larger the responsibility.

However, while we are buisy reading, writing, filming and complaining,the environment in this area is dying and with it,wildlife.

Click here to see what can be done by ordinary people like you and I. Even if you only communicate the link, you will be helping, because those that are able "for ex. your hairdresser"(who would have guessed that!) will get an opportunity to become aware of the goldmine they are throwing away everyday.

There will be new oil catastophies, so this information also helps us prepare now!

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