Thursday, October 14, 2010

69 Days with a Wonderful Ending

If you would like to see a resume of the 69 days the Chile miners´waited and their rescue please find the link HERE.

A thought that occured to me during the whole rescue procedure was
"How will this frightening event effect everyone involved"

Take a good look at the faces of the people on the  video and you will see so much love and compassion.

My thoughts were about:
The fact that lives could change for the better.
Decisions might be taken to improve relationships.
New life long friendships would be made
More love and understanding between people.
New leadership skills developed.
The will to change things in one´s life.
Empathy and moral behaviour becoming a higher priority.
That some would decide to no longer take life for granted.

What about the rest of us that were not personally involved in the trauma?

Can we learn something from this and look back on the amazing rescue acievement as a reminder that it is possible to see our life as a possibility and that we do have the ability to stay positive even in difficult times.

We can strive to make life the best we can whatever our circumstances,just like these brave men, their families,loved ones and rescuers did.

Thank You ALL for your Bravery.

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