Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After a Good Laugh Comes Some Serious Thinking!

Yes, it´s great to have a good laugh and enjoy times of  letting go and feeling positive.
Thank goodness for our comediens, what would life be without them?

*quote  "Don´t take yourself so god damn seriously"Rule No 6 from the Jedibook. This is where you can download a copy

I came across this information when I did a google search for the *quote. "Don´t take yourself so god damn seriously" Actually just browsing through this downloadable document I found some interesting information about "Star Wars" and the creation of Jediism you might like. This information was completely unknown to me.

Anyway this post is not about all that, I was musing about the quotation that is really an excellent way to see oneself in our modern society.

With issues of increasing information overload, heavy work burden, unemployment, health, weight, financial problems and feeling inadequate it is becoming more and more evident that our bodies have a growing need for relaxation and good sleep.

These issues leave many people lying awake for hours at night and feeling absolutely exhausted by the time the alarm clock goes off.  Some doctors are trying to avoid prescription drugs for stress and sleeping problems not directly related to illness, this  is a good policy. However in desperation many people turn to prescription free drugs to get rest, which is not a good solution to the problem because of the potential side effects of self medication.
What about trying another method that can really help you without drugs?
Simple, relaxing and effective!
Deep Sleep
Deep Stress Relief

You can acquire relief starting at less than $10!
Enjoy waking up ready to take on your daily tasks with a positve mind and relaxed body!

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