Saturday, December 4, 2010

Better Lifestyle, Better Living?

It is stated that we shouldn´t have high hopes of any real success from the Cancun Environmental Talks.The problems stopping a Worldwide agreement are mainly concerned with which Country should take the largest steps to stop global warming, where USA and China claim the other part is most responsible and therefore should do more first. That also makes the decision to wait and see easier for every other country.

So when will the environment get better? May it be global warming, climate change for other reasons or the fact that we are just not caring about the mess we are creating, the results are the same. A lot is being destroyed, be it land, water, air, wildlife, people´s health, crops, rain forests, melting glaciers and much more.
Here is a link to some reasons. and it is happening fast!

Sometimes I wonder if we really understand what is happening in the World and the type of consequences we are leaving to coming generations.
Do we really care?
Positive thinking and living in "the now" are extremely important aspects of life, but not the sole means to create responsibility for our way of life and the difficulties we are creating for coming generations. This craves awareness and for most of us a real desire to change our own lifestyle!

If for a moment we consider the fact that perhaps we are not living just one life. How would that feel if you knew that what you do now, will even impact your future life?
It is certainly worth considering. Some say it is nonsence, we live then die and it´s over. Okay, I have no problem with this viewpoint. We believe what we want to believe.

On the other hand we certainly don´t KNOW for certain (whatever our beliefs) if this is true or not and that puts things in rather a different perspective.

Ask yourself: What kind of World would I like to come back to?

Whatever the final answer is, shouldn´t we take a personal responsibility for the future of planet earth NOW?

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