Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flying Time!

Today we are on our way to a warmer destination, like others we are rather fed up with cold, snow and ice just now.It´s okay and can be enjojable but generally speaking winter seems to start earlier and stay longer than it did previously.
Some say it is climate change, others atmospheric changes, whatever the reason, getting away for a while feels refreshing and relaxing so why stay stuck in one place when you have the possibility to change things?

YES, we all have the opportunity to make choices.

Recently I took the opportunity to analyze a few of  my choices that were important for how things turned out in my life. Some of these choices were pretty stupid although I thought they were right at the time! however these sent me off in a direction or situation I didn´t really want to be in. So what did I do?, I made new and better choices and things improved!

To me it has become very obvious that we do decide our destiny, whether we do it in a concious or unconcious way. Yes, accidents happen, however the choice we made put us in the situation.(if we are an adult and/or caregiver))

A good way to making better choices is to become more aware of the concequences our choices have for ourselves, including health, general wellbeing, relationships and finances but also for other people, the environment, animals  and anything around us we haven´t take into consideration.
Making good choices is not always as easy as we think and it takes training to make more considerate ones.

Another way to keep contact with our daily "footprints" is to look back on our day and see what our decisions and thoughts have had for impact and how we might  improve our choices tomorrow.
The amazing thing is that when we take time to do this, we find ourselves more contented and satisfied with our own life and there are less things that upset us.

It  is important to help create better conditions by giving constructive critic when necessary and being thankful for pleasant things that happen however small.

Deep inside we know we have choices but it doesn´t always  feel that way, that´s why we often prefer to blame "bad luck" or others instead of changing our personal situation..

We can´t change other people, but we can certainly change how we react.
Our reactions can change our circumstances.
Remember to praise everything positive that comes your way, however small and enjoy what you have today!


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