Monday, January 24, 2011

Snoring........Is it upsetting your relationship ?

At Yahoo search I found more than 2.4 million searches for snoring problems and on Google more than 1.2 million searches. There is no doubt this is a problem that people want to solve!

Very often one of the biggest problems is how to calm your frustrated bed partner, but what about your bed partner? How does she/he deal with the problem without becoming frustrated and angry?
There are couples that put up with this problem for 20-30 years!

However, when both of you get upset, the problem becomes a relationship problem that is difficult to resolve. Don´t let that happen!

 I found a very interesting website with good advice for the snorer and their partner about how to deal with this problem and I would like to share it with you.

On this website, you also get access to FREE White Noise at the subpage How to Sleep Better
White Noise is an excellent way to even reduce other disturbing noises like traffic, noisy neighbours, aircraft, barking dogs and more...

All the best and sleep well!

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Mary said...

My husband and I sleep with white noise. It is very effective at blocking out other noises which can keep you from sleeping.