Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is MAN a DOGS best friend?

It is often quoted that a dog is mans best friend and in my opinion this is really true.
But how are our dogs being treated world wide?

There are countless numbers of dog friends around the world and this is GREAT!
We (the dog lovers) buy our beloved dogs food, treats, clothing, toys, veterinary care,training and insurance for astronomical sums of money, but seldom think about the ever growing number of homeless dogs trying to survive under terrible and frightening conditions.

I want to show you this video about one organization dedicated to helping mans best friend, the dog,  against all odds.   

I chose to show the video because this rescue organisation saves the lives of dogs that need a forever home.
My husband Lennart and I are the proud "Mum and Dad"  to Astro, rescued from Romania.
Coralie says "Astro is the most loving and trusting dog I have ever saved (My 10th adopted dog.)"
As a special needs dog he could not have survived a life on the streets if he had not been cared for at this shelter and finding a forever home at last.
Astro says:
'I had never put my paws inside a warm home before I came to Sweden'.
'I learned there are dog beds and you can feel warm although it is winter outside´. (Not like a puppy that had a safe upbringing)
´I was well cared for at the shelter but wanted my own family´.
'I was scared and had to take a long journey to reach my forever home, but it is wonderful to be here!
and guess what, although I am 4+ years I didn´t know I had to go outside to relieve myself, but it only took me ONE day to learn what was expected of me.....!
Mum says I´m very intelligent and learn quickly, that sounds like NICE and makes me feel good!

Thanks for reading about me and why shelter dogs need real homes, please help my friends!

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