Monday, December 10, 2012

Fashion and Responsibility

There are a lot of sustainable non toxin apparel manufacturers but the truth is that some of our best known and most purchased fashion articles are not sustainable, among these can be noted clothes from famous fashion designers like Levis and Adidas.

Many fashion articles sold by among others, Levis and Adidas are manufactured in China in factory plants that do not take environmental issues seriously. The colors used are full of toxins that are dangerous for the environment, which is bad enough, but also put the health of the employees at risk and you, the wearer.
Another problem concerns the water supply near the factories which has also found to be contaminated.

The good news is that there are more and more fashion manufacturing companies that pay their suppliers properly for natural fibers and coloring methods.

Why do not well known designers like Levis and Adidas stop using these unsustainable factories to produce their products?

The answer is cost! The cheaper the manufacture, the more profit for the company!

We must understand that as consumers we have the power to stop this greed.
A consumer always “pays a price” in the long run, even if  the product is cheap, which is often not the case with well established * trade marks. 

 The World is ours and we should not pay for toxins in our clothes or exposure to health problems and more important nor should factory workers producing our clothes work under unhealthy conditions.

We all know that well established * trade marks are often "hijacked and copied" which is unethical, but is it ethical of the established owner of the trade mark to use unsustainable factories to produce their products? 
Certainly not, a company with a well established trade mark should always behave in an ethical manner in every aspect of their business. 

Sign the Petition and help bring about a change!

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