Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Micro Loans, A Great Way to Make A difference

Micro Loans are Loans Consisting of Small Amounts of  Money.

Kiva  an organization helping entrepreneurs and business owners  mostly living  in undeveloped regions around the World.

 Kiva is a serious organisation helping entrepreneurs with very limited means start  a small business to help support themselves and their family.

Through Kiva people like you and me can offer micro loans to people who need start-up capital
in developing economies.

It is interesting to note that Kiva coordinators are often young, internet-savvy people burning with a desire to help improve conditions for entrepreneurs and students without financial means.

Kiva is one of several micro-financing companies but  is unique by connecting people in developed countries with people living in countries struggling with financial problems and other undeveloped areas.

Kiva offers gift certificates, starting at $25. A fantastic gift  that allows the receiver to use the certificate they received to lend the gift  amount they received to an entrepreneur of their choice.

At  you can see how the return on your investment continues to help entrepreneurs!

Imagine... If you give away a gift certificate, what a difference it will make

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