Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Character Counts

Today we are going to look at one of the most important aspects of life, CHARACTER.
In our very buisy and stressed World we sometimes forget how important Character is.
In many places, especially big cities, it is more important to melt in, be like everyone else, follow the trend setters, and also do something that is really frightening "not stand up for what is right even if we know it can harm others mentally,physically or both!"

We need to teach our children and young people to have the courage to say NO when they are faced with a situation they instinctivly know is wrong.
If you are a parent ask yourself: Am I doing things and being a person that my children can look up to? Think about it very carefully! BE HONEST!
We often don´t set the example the younger generation need to see. If we are not acting in an ethical way, it does´nt matter how much we tell our children what is right or wrong, they are watching what YOU are doing!
Monkey see, Monkey do!
Yes, other grown-ups are important, but ultimatly it is Mum and Dad´s behaviour they bear the stamp of!

Tip of the Day:
What are "The six Pillars of Character"

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