Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Core Desire, What is Yours?

Have you ever thought about your Core Desire?
We all have one, but many of us are doing something that actualy is´nt our "Core Desire", we just think it is.
We often live a life that others have planned for us, sometimes completely unconsiously and this will ultimatly dissolution us. Think about it, what are you doing? If it is your passion fine, if not:
It is very important to find your core desire, because this is what gives you the passion to do what it takes to become successful.
Ask yourself "What would I really do, if I had the money, the time and the ability?"
"What is most important to me?"
"How do I get it?"
"What do I have to learn to be able to do this?"
"What will give me the feeling, Yes! I will do what it takes, I will put in the time, energy and money to get it, I will reach my goals and live my ultimate life, even if I have to start from the begining with very small resources, I can do it! "
Think about it!
Are you living a life to please others, for example, your parents, your spouse,even your children or your boss!
When you have your answers to these questions you will find your Core Desire.
Write it down and make it happen!

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