Monday, October 8, 2007

Is it a Good Idea to be a Very Active Forum Participant?

Do you spend a lot of time getting engaged in forums?

Is it important to be engaged in many forums and if so why?
A couple of reasons I have heard are that if you are active in forums you will get a lot of traffic to your site and lots of leads.

Let´s look at this more closely.
Yes, you will get lots of traffic if you have a website. People want to see if you can be a good prospect to them! You will also get lots of e-mails with business offers, but is this what you want or are you looking for real prospects for your business and/or people who will want to buy your products?
If so, do research and advertise your business to those who are looking for the type of business or products you have to offer. Don´t waste time advertising to people who are not interested, even if it´s free. Time is money!

There is another better reason to be active on forums and that is to get to know people who become your friends and share interests with you. You can learn a lot by listening to people that have good advice to offer. This is about learning, not recruiting!

So to round it up for today, don´t spend hours wasting your time chatting in forums.

1. Join a forum that has a topic of interest to you or is related to your business.

2. Find people who give good honest advice without trying to promote their business

3. Become good friends with those that share your interests.

Ryze is a forum with many interesting topics.

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