Thursday, September 6, 2007

More About Taking Action

Taking action is not only necessary when doing business, it is important in every aspect of life!
In our jobs, at home, our relationships, bringing up our children, everything you can think of!
We live in a World of distractions. If we do´nt decide what we want to do with our lives and take action on it, someone else will decide for us. THINK ABOUT IT! Is that what you honestly want?

What do you want in your life, How will you get it, Where are you going?

Do you want your present circumstances to remain unchanged for the rest of your life? Some may, but the majority of people have lost their dreams long ago and no longer hope for anything really big like having the time and money to do whatever they want whenever they want.
Think of the possibilities you are missing by not taking control over your life, including your health, wealth and happiness!
The point is that you can do far more than you think!
You see, when you take control, you have to take action and also pay the price to get what you want; every truly successful person knows this and that is how they become successful.

It means doing something, not just sitting on your butt wishing. There is always a price to pay. Maybe hard work, committment, education, money, helping others or all of that as well as something else! When the large majority of people realise this they feel overwhelmed, even sick and frightened and give up their dreams for a mediocre life. A popular word for this is Procrastination, which is really another way of saying "not taking action"

Spend some time thinking about who you really are.
What would you like to do, have, become?

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