Monday, October 11, 2010

Are There Things We Don´t want to Know About?

I have been asking myself this question ever since my last post about animal welfare.

Post: “People and Animals” ( posted 20100826)

When I wrote the above post I also included links to 3 books. At the time I had not read through them from cover to cover. Now I have had the opportunity to do so and do some independent research which lead me to take a look into my own values.

My experience so far of “animal activists” is negative as it has been about vandalising property, factory plants and generally creating havoc without actually helping animals to gain better living conditions. I wish to emphasize that I do NOT support this kind of behaviour and in my opinion it certainly doesn´t help any serious cause.

Anyone can become an animal activist without doing harm to others and their property or harming animals even more than they are already suffering as so often happens in raids conducted to free them.

There are “animal activists” that do an incredible amount of good by exposing horrific truths about how animals are treated around the World and I am awed by what they do and the fantastic positive and calm attitudes they keep when dealing with so much injustice and cruelty. It inspires me.
Farm Sanctuary presentation

It is very important to focus on the positive and not take in negative thoughts, but should we interpret positive thinking as "not seeing or exposing” conditions that are unethical and cruel for other living creatures? Personally I think not. Living with a positive attitude is wonderful, but allowing this to close our eyes and ears to the plight of others is not the meaning of being positive.

We need to do more than just pray and send out positive energy (this is surely helpful, but there are more specific positive things we can do.

We can have a positive attitude and make profound changes by educating ourselves and creating awareness.

When faced with facts most people are concerned about how animals are treated, the environment suffers and the ever deteriorating health and wellbeing of humans and animals.

We need to judge for ourselves and decide where we stand.

Are we prepared to be supportive of kindness, environmental improvement and better health?

What kind of World do we want to leave to our children and grandchildren?

Can personal unawareness, greed and a constant hunt for more exotic and/or cheap food create the circumstances on our planet now and for future generations?

Feeling upset about these conditions is not good enough, neither is a positive attitude if it is not focused on helping to create better conditions for all life on our planet.

Former American Idol Judge Simon Cowell tells PETA why he "absolutely cannot tolerate cruelty to animals."
What can I DO?
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