Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Do Dogs Make A Difference in People´s Lives?

There are many ways dogs can make a difference in the lives of humans. Perhaps you might think of some of the benefits in your life because you are a dog owner.

Actually, I don´t like the expression "Dog Owner" although I used it for years, then I noted the expression "Caretaker" that sounds nicer, but recently I read about the difference between being a dog owner/caretaker and a partner with my dog. This really made a difference in the way I think about how I am responsible for the kind of life he is living. Look at the picture below showing 38 benefits having a dog actually gives you! Is he/she benefiting as much from you? Let´s partner with our dog/dogs and make every day a good day for humans and canines!
Benefits of Owning A Dog

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