Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where Have I Been.? Where Am I Going?

Well that´s a good question!

Although I have learnt how important it is to post regularly, I haven´t! Yes I have learnt all about the WHY, BRANDING,FRESH CONTENT etc.

Browsing amongst blogs, I noted many fading away, closed, shut down for a period of time or just left in thin air. 

Perhaps some of you feel the stress of always staying up-to-date.
My advice is,don´t worry about it, we can´t all be top bloggers. Write when it feels good/bad, important or just for fun that makes interesting reading!

So why no posting since November 2011. How could I give up on a blog that is nice, interesting and with readers that return ?

The answer is simply, I was learning something new that I thought would soon be finished and I would find time to continue posting to my blog, but it just didn't work out that way!The course is so interesting and rewarding without stress that I let my blogging take time out.

(Should have told my followers, but I missed out on this. Excuse me, I am very sorry to have dissappointed you.

Well some internet "Guru´s" will jump for joy when they see this post. "Here´s a potential customer!" (Yes,I understand that internet gurus stay tuned to what potential and previous customers are up to!)
You are never private on the internet!

Here comes some types of mail I receive:
Coralie, you need a plan,a planner, a course about planning, set goals, become focused, earn money, learn how to write, stop procrastinating,(what is stopping you!) find your purpose, become an affiliate, sell my e-books, join my membership,become a facebook/ twitter queen.You are missing out on this fantastic never to return special offer...., get this free ebook and your life will change, you will become a $$$$ earner after you learn the secrets I discovered etc"


I guess you know what I mean, people on the internet are bombarded with offers daily and also have to put up with being told what idiots they are missing all these golden chances to start making money immediatly! Don´t waste a second, minute, hour, day, you will be left behind.

This really puts me off, it certainly doesn´t encourage me to be more productive.
People are different!

What about you?
I hope you feel relaxed and undisturbed.
Many people, like me need peace and quiet and don´t have to be on social networks 24/7. It´s a free choice, not a must.

I decided to leave the rat race, but still think many people like to read and learn about possibilities, places to go, information about their interests etc.
 If you are or would like to come back as a reader to my blogs I look forward to having you here. You are as always very welcome!

Be Well and feel free!

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